3 Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Keeps You Cool All Summer Long!

It’s hot and the last thing you want is for your AC to give out on you. Not only will your indoor temperature rise, but waiting for a repair appointment and an unexpected bill are just going to make you hotter. The good news is, this scenario can be avoided, if you take 3 simple steps to ensure the good health of your AC unit. If you take care of it, it won’t let you down in the middle of a heat wave!

Gimme Some Space!

Keep the area around your outside unit free and clear of debris. Twigs, leaves, and other outdoor detritus can lead to jams or clogs, which will have an impact on your cooling system. Check your vents, too. If vents are blocked, your system has to work harder to circulate air and to regular temperature. It’s a simple but often overlooked task: a quick inspection and cleanup of the area around your outdoor unit can prevent damage and ensure optimal function.

Be Honest – When Did You Last Change the Filter?

The filter is a key component for proper function of your AC unit. It keeps things running smoothly as well as maintaining good, indoor air quality by catching allergens and debis. When the filter gets overly dirty and clogged from catching all of that dust & debris, now your unit has to work even harder to push air through. That extra strain on your unit wears down parts and can lead to other problems, such as difficulty regulating indoor temperature, inconsistent air flow, or even strange odors. Who knew something as basic as a filter had such an important function? Fortunately, maintaining your filter couldn’t be easier. Simply add a reminder to your calendar to check your filter every month. When you notice your filter is particularly dirty and clogged, it’s time to toss that one and insert a new one. Some filters will need to be swapped out for new every 1-2 months, others can be replaced quarterly. Over time, you’ll pick up on your own use pattern. This simple household task and minor investment can save you money by keeping your unit running more efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns from overuse.

Has It Been Serviced Lately?

Regular maintenance of your AC unit is the secret to keeping your unit in good working order. Having a twice year inspection ensures that everything is working according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Having a regular inspection can catch minor malfunctions early on and fix them, so that a small defect doesn’t get missed and turn into a big (and expensive) repair. Regular inspections ensure that, when the temperatures start to rise, your AC unit is ready to meet the demand, and keep you cool. Just as you regularly invest small amounts to maintain your car, so too does it make sense to put out the small, maintenance investment to prevent costly repairs that could have been avoided and ensure that your AC unit is running efficiently, and not costing you more to operate than it should.

Regular maintenance by a certified professional is a smart idea. Did you know? Appliance Doctor offers Maintenance Agreements to help you keep your AC unit running smoothly and efficiently. Letting us look after your AC unit gives you peace of mind and can help avoid costly repairs.

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is having difficulties after trying our simple steps, give Appliance Doctor a call at 410-268-6344 and have us take a look.