Is there something wrong with my Viking range?

Do you hear that? You turn OFF the range, and there’s that click, click, click noise. It makes that sound when a burner is turned ON, but why is your Viking range making that clicking noise when turned OFF?

Don’t worry – chances are the clicking noise is not a sign of danger. Could be any number of normal reasons for the noise.

Knowing the basics of your Viking range is essential to maintaining this type of high-end appliance. Familiarizing yourself with the basic functioning of your Viking range will give you a better understanding what’s normal behavior, and help you identify when your range may need servicing. Let’s cover what could be making that noise.

The Range Ignition System is Clogged With Food Debris

The clicking noise doesn’t necessarily mean anything is broken. It could simply be that food spillage has built up in the corners and spaces of your range, which is bound to happen – cooking can be a messy business. The solution is to gently and carefully clean the stove, following the steps below:
stovetop burner

  • Unplug the unit
  • Remove the burner cap
  • Clean around the igniter, burner, and under the knobs with a small brush
  • Remove any remaining debris with a Q-tip and alcohol
  • Replace the burner cap, and plug the unit back in

Damp Around Range Igniters

Moisture around the stove can cause that clicking noise. It happens: the sauce got too hot and spluttered out of the pot; you were boiling pasta and it boiled over. Cooking is messy. Anything wet that happens near the igniter can cause your range to click.

Besides messes, if you’ve recently cleaned your cooktop, that’s how moisture can get into that igniter. If you notice your Viking range clicking when turned off and you’ve cleaned it recently, it could simply be you got it too wet.

Absorb Excess Moisture

  • Unplug the unit
  • Remove the burner caps and knobs
  • Lift the stove top and mop up any moisture using a rag or paper towel
  • Allow the stove to air out or use a fan to speed up the process
  • Replace everything and test to see if the clicking stopped

Range Burner Cap Misaligned

A Viking Range clicking when turned off could be due to A misaligned burner cap is another possible cause for that clicking noise. A burner cap can get misaligned if perhaps you cleaned your cooktop recently and you didn’t quite put that burner cap back on correctly.Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

Re-align the Burner Cap

  • Wait for the range to cool if used recently
  • Remove the burner grate
  • Remove the burner cap
  • Replace it in the correct position and replace the burner grate

Defective Parts

If gone through the above three troubleshooting steps and none of them resolves your clicking sound, it could a faulty part causing the problem, be it the ignitor, the spark module, or the spark ignition.

Time to Call in the Pros

If you’ve tried the basic troubleshooting and it’s not fixed, it’s time to get a professional involved. Your Viking range is not something you want to attempt to fix yourself, nevermind that DIY could void any warranty on your appliance. Fortunately, the techs with Appliance Doctor are factory-trained and qualified to repair your Viking range.

Did this solve your clicking issue? No? Another problem? If you’re having issues with your Viking range, cooktop,or stove, trust Appliance Doctor to repair your high end appliance.