Staying Comfortable During Shoulder Season

Just because the calendar flips over from Summer’s August to Fall’s September doesn’t mean the thermometer will adjust as cleanly. September brings, “Indian Summer” lingering warm temperatures and a slow abatement of the humidity. But, rest assured, as sure as golden leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming, so are those cooler temperatures … coming, but not quite yet. How can you keep your home comfortable when it’s not hot enough for the AC but your not quite ready to turn on the heat?

5 Tips to Help You Transition Your HVAC System from Summer to Fall

  1. Go Au Natural
    With the humidity starting to ease up, you can go ahead and open the windows. The soft breezes will bring a breath of fresh, crisp fall air indoors. Use your ceiling fans to help air circulate and stay cool in the rooms you occupy, without having to cool the entire house. Combining fresh air and fans is a cost-efficient method to keeping your come comfortable, rather than running the AC, even for a short period of time.
  2. Just Right
    In Annapolis and our area of the East Coast, it’s so true, “It’s not the heat, but the humidity.” September and transition season is when we finally catch a break from the oppressive humidity. Go ahead and turn off that dehumidifier. It’s not need right now and you’ll save on your energy bill.
  3. Shut it out!
    The humidity may be easing up, but that sun is still blazing hot. Closing your blinds, or pulling shut your drapes will prevent the sun from shining into your rooms and heating htem up. This is a great tip year round, not just for the in-between season. Keeping the blinds shut during the day when the family is all out of the house not only keeps the sun out, but keeps the cool in.
  4. Cool Nights
    During the summer, we are accustomed to letting the AC run 24/7. Once the temperature starts to dip, you don’t need the AC on at night. Set your adjustable thermostat to automatically turn off in the evening, or simply switch it off yourself, at bedtime. With a window cracked and fans whirring, it will be perfectly cool for sleeping.
  5. Twofer
    Transition season is an ideal time to schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system. You already know, just like your car needs regular oil changes and tune-ups, so does your HVAC system. Fall is a great time to have us out to look over your cooling system, that has been working hard all summer long. Any issues it may be having can be nipped in the bud, before things get out of hand. And, while we are already there, let’s go ahead and inspect your heating system to make sure that everything is all in order and in tip top shape so that when you do turn on the heat for the first time, all is well.

  6. Ready for your Fall maintenance visit? Give Appliance Doctor a call and let us check out your heating and cooling systems while you enjoy the comfortable temperatures and colors of the season.