Proper maintenance will extend the life of your appliances

Life Expectancy for your Household Appliances

Your appliance is broken. Do you repair it or replace it?

It’s easier to that decision when you know the life expectancy of major appliances. If you’ve bought a moderately-priced appliance that lasted you a while, maybe you feel you got your money’s worth and would rather just get another one. When you invest in a higher-quality appliance from a reputable manufacturer, it’s reasonable to consider repairing the unit to get the full return on your investment.

If you buy a quality household appliance that fails within its expected life cycle, the solution is to repair rather than replace.

Some homeowners buy inexpensive household appliances with the intention to simply upgrade and replace when the appliance gives out. While this may be a cost-saving tactic at the outset, that homeowner will spend more replacing that appliance than had he invested in a quality appliance (and a regular maintenance plan!) in the first place. Not to mention saving the planet from that discarded, broken appliance.

A better choice is to buy quality appliances and establish a good relationship with your local appliance repair company. Appliance Doctor offers maintenance packages to keep all of your appliances in tip-top shape, making sure that you get all the years out of it that you possibly can!

How Many Years Can You Expect to Get Out of Your Household Appliance?*

Appliance Life ExpectancyAverageLowHigh
Dryer (Electric)141118
Dryer (Gas)131116
Garbage Disposals131015
Range (Electric)161320
Ranges (Gas)191523
Ranges, Hoods14919
Refrigerator (Compact)8412
Refrigerators (Standard)141018
Washing Machines12816

Statistics provided by Consumer Report

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  • Next day service call for fridge/freezer not cooling at my rental property. Gale coordinated with my tenant and kept me posted every step of the way. Technician Steve arrived as scheduled and called with the diagnosis. Exceptional service, thank you! Highly recommend!

    Kimberly Schmidt Avatar Kimberly Schmidt
    August 6, 2019
  • Appliance doctor has always come thru for us. Our oven decided not to heat 3 days before we were hosting a major party between Christmas and New Years. After leaving a telephone message, and entering a request for emergency service, we got a call back the next morning with a promise of a service visit between 10 and 2. Not only did the technician show up before noon, but located the needed part in a warehouse, found someone to go get it, and and was back to install it before the end of the day! What great service.

    Ann Whitcomb Avatar Ann Whitcomb
    December 31, 2018
  • Called and left a message on a Friday evening. Got a call back within an hour! Steve (repair tech) arrived on time and was very thorough and efficient. Would definitely call this company again.

    Andrea Montrose Avatar Andrea Montrose
    May 15, 2018
  • I love Appliance Doctor! We are in the animal health care industry and go through a TON of laundry, which means we have also gone through a lot of washers and dryers over the years. Appliance Doctor has come to our rescue on many occasions and I appreciate their honesty when it comes to fixing or discarding an appliance. Most recently they helped me with a warranty issue I was having with an appliance, the warranty work was not even their responsibility but that is just the type of service they strive to provide. I appreciate them more than they know!

    Jennifer Weaver Avatar Jennifer Weaver
    November 14, 2018
  • Absolutely love this company. They show up on time. They are efficient and not costly. If they can't help you, they recommend someone for you. Helpful over the phone and call the next day to check on you.

    Sarah Hoffman Avatar Sarah Hoffman
    November 11, 2019
  • Called in the middle of the day on sunday expecting an answering machine and surprisingly Gail one of the owners answered. Very helpfull over the phone and told me she had the dryer belt i was looking for @ the office but they were closed. She mentioned that she could meet me there and would sell it to me. Any small business owner that is willing to open the door in the day when they are closed for a $20 belt is A ok in my book.

    chris scardina Avatar chris scardina
    May 20, 2018