Energy Saving Tips from your Appliance Doctor

Energy Saving Tips

Save Energy, Save Money!

An energy efficient home can not only reduce your impact on the planet, but definitely save you money! The biggest energy consumer in your home is your household appliances and how you use them. A few minor tweaks and changing your habits can have a big impact on both your carbon footprint and your energy bill! Check out our energy-saving tips below to see how you can go green in your kitchen … and save some green in your wallet!

Washing Machine

• Just as today’s washing machines are much more efficient compared to those of the past so also is modern detergent. Most detergents clean your clothes perfectly well in cold water as hot. Consider only running hot water washes when you need to sanitize fabrics.
• Clean out your washing machine regularly. Dirt, lint, and residue accumulate. Clean washing machines clean more efficiently.

The Dryer

• Run your dryer at night. The heat output of the dryer raises the temperature in your home, causing your AC to have to work harder.
• In addition to cleaning your lint trap with every use, be sure to have your dryer and vents cleaned yearly.

The Refrigerator

• Set the internal temperature of your fridge to 35°-38°F and 0°F for the freezer.
• Don’t pack your fridge too full. Air circulation is important to help the fridge maintain temperature.
• Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the fridge; uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder.
• Make sure the fridge door is a tight seal. Cool air can leak out.

The Dishwasher

• Only run the dishwasher when you have a full load.
• Let your dishes air dry instead of running the dry cycle.


• Match the burner size to the pot size; a 6″ pot on an 8″ burner is wasting energy.
• Cover pots for more efficient heating.
• Keep burners clean and they will reflect heat and operate more efficiently.


• Turn the oven off a few minutes before the end of your scheduled cooking/baking time. The oven will retain enough heat to finish your dish.
• Use small electric pans, toaster ovens, or slow cookers ovens for small meals and roasts, rather than your large stove or oven.

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  • Appliance doctor has always come thru for us. Our oven decided not to heat 3 days before we were hosting a major party between Christmas and New Years. After leaving a telephone message, and entering a request for emergency service, we got a call back the next morning with a promise of a service visit between 10 and 2. Not only did the technician show up before noon, but located the needed part in a warehouse, found someone to go get it, and and was back to install it before the end of the day! What great service.

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  • I love Appliance Doctor! We are in the animal health care industry and go through a TON of laundry, which means we have also gone through a lot of washers and dryers over the years. Appliance Doctor has come to our rescue on many occasions and I appreciate their honesty when it comes to fixing or discarding an appliance. Most recently they helped me with a warranty issue I was having with an appliance, the warranty work was not even their responsibility but that is just the type of service they strive to provide. I appreciate them more than they know!

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